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Halloween Without Sugar: A Scary Thought?!

Yes, it's upon us!  The holiday I'm most frequently asked about.  "Do your kids trick or treat?" "What do you do about school parties and activities?" "What do you tell your kids about candy and wh...

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Nut Free, Whole Food Oatmeal Cookies

Correct.  These puppies aren't beautiful - - but they are tasty!!

Jefferson and I have been on the hunt for a great oatmeal cookie recipe, one that's both sugar free and nut free (school appropria...

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3 Reasons To Focus On Whole Foods This Fall

Happy September!  I hope that everyone's 'back to school and fall routines are off to a great start! We took a hiatus from the blog (but not the project!) in August while we were traveling.  Sum...

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July Check In: What We Learned This Month

So long July!  3 birthdays, 1 anniversary, 2 national holidays later = one giant party at our house :-) Here's what we learned on our adventure this month! Jefferson "Some healthy things d...

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“Whole Food” For Our Skin?

I know, I know - natural skin care has little to do with eating whole foods, but here's the catch: our skin's our biggest organ.  There's some debate about how much or little our skin care choices ...

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Best Birthday Carrot Cake!

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Natural Deodorant… That Actually Works.

Yes, I know: Deodorant isn't food.  But we use it daily, applied directly to our largest organ - our skin.  Avoiding parabens, aluminum-based compounds, colours, talc and other additives is a no br...

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June Check In: What We Learned This Month

Hello July!  The 8th month of our project flew by and summer is officially here. July's my favourite month of the year. Victoria, Jefferson and I all share July birthdays - add Canada Day, Indep...