Welcome to our experiment of One Year Without.

My name’s Becca.  On November 1st, 2015 my kids, husband and I launched a family experiment: One Year Without Sugar and Processed Foods.

This blog documents our journey.

Our Mission

To help families reduce their sugar intake, in our modern food environment full of sugar and processed foods.

Our Goal

The goal of our project is threefold:

  1. Document our life living One Year Without Sugar and Processed Foods and find solutions to everyday challenges in our modern, sugar-full food environment.
  2. Provide resources and support to anyone interested in reducing their sugar intake.
  3. Expand conversation about the steps we can take to build community food environments that support our health vs. harm it.

Our Why

Because I, along with so many other moms, dads, and individuals, are tired of asking ourselves the daily question:

How can I raise my kids to be healthy and well in our current food environment, where processed and sugar filled foods are the norm?

The Facts:

  • Sugar is addictive and the excess we’re consuming is harming our health.  Doctor’s have cautioned for decades to limit sugar intake and now science supports why.
  • Beyond contributing to obesity and diabetes, excess sugar causes diseases of the liver and other organs, contributes to a host of other metabolic disorders, and is linked to increases in some tumor growth.
  • In the US, chronic disease accounted for 86% of health care costs in 2010; heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, Type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases cause 63% of deaths globally. The consumption of sugar and processed foods play a major role in chronic disease.
  • Many chronic disease conditions are preventable, by reducing or eliminating our refined sugar and processed foods intake.
  • Still, sugar is available and marketed to us at every turn: grocery aisles – full, grocery checkouts – lined, corner stores, school food lunch programs, vending machines, coffee shops, you name it, sugar’s for sale and encouraged for consumption.
  • Cookies, baked goods and sugar laden drinks and juices are served at every social function.
  • Avoid the above?  Even healthy consumers are faced with obstacle that Sugar is found in 74% of our processed foods: crackers, condiments, snacks, breads, our current staples are filled with sugar.

What’s wrong with this picture?

The Context

I struggled with sugar my whole life until 8 years ago when I cut it out of my diet.  The process itself was fairly straightforward, but the social ramifications were complex.

Raising our kids without sugar has been a whole other animal.  The kids themselves have been fine – but avoiding it in society is a battle in itself.

We’ve got the model backwards.

Making food choices that support health should be the easy option, not the struggle.  Instead, harmful food choices and habits are the norm, socially acceptable, marketed at will by corporate interests, and the easy route.  Saying no thanks to junk food, should not be the harder choice or require a public apology.

It’s time we take action and apply our science based knowledge about sugar and health to our food environments.

Our Blog

I’m sharing a 365 day look into our family’s life without sugar and processed foods, and sharing our learnings along the way.  We’ll talk about the social ramifications that accompanies the choice to cut out sugar, and about about holidays, parties, school, and the grocery check out.  You get the gist.

What does day to day living without sugar and processed foods look like?

How can we create a modern food environment that supports health and wellbeing vs. harming it?

What steps can we each make to contribute towards societal health?

We’ll share:

  • Easy Whole Food Recipes
  • Simple habit changes for busy lives
  • All things ‘kids, school & friends without
  • Latest research on sugar and it’s impact on health
  • A platform to share ideas, inspiration and brainstorming on building a food culture that supports help.

The Upshot

This is my passion project. I’m driven by my personal health history and my desire to contribute towards building a society that supports our collective health.

So let’s do this.  Let’s normalize the notion of eating for health & wellness.

Please reach out and share your questions, comments, and solutions!

– Becca


I am not a medical doctor. All food and lifestyle recommendations made on this website are based on my personal research and experience.