@CBCRadio’s Ideas with Paul Kennedy recently aired a 2 part series entitled Fat and Sugar, by contributor Jill Eisen.  The series offers an excellent overview of our current nutritional knowledge on dietary fat and sugar and their impacts to health.  I highly recommend a listen on your commute – or run (where I sneak in 90% of my podcast listening).

What stood out to me most was a comment from Dr. David Ludwig, endocrinologist, researcher and Professor at the Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health, and Director of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center at the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Ludwig suggests that we “recognize diet-related disease as a matter of national security”.  I couldn’t agree more.

He explains that for the first time since the civil war, life expectancy across our countries is declining as a consequence of diet-related disease, and that the vitality of our economies will be crippled through increasing medical costs, that we all pay for, and declining worker productivity.

He notes that it’s high time that Governments address the phenomenon of diet-related disease and enact policies that put public health over short term special interest.

So then, what can we do as individuals?  Vote with our forks.  Buy whole, real food. 
Have a listen:

Fat and Sugar Part 1: Dietary Fat

Fat and Sugar Part 2: Dietary Sugar