The kids and I love pancakes.  Who doesn’t?!  A few week’s ago I shared our go-to Pumpkin Pancake Recipe  that we make every weekend.  We all look forward to these pancakes and use leftovers to make nut butter sandwiches.  And the best part?  You feel great after eating them, vs. my experience of conventional pancakes, which often left me feeling bloated, tired and like lying on a couch!

This past weekend, my friend Meaghan shared her favorite pancake recipe with me (along with the pic above) and we tried it out, alongside our usual pumpkin pancakes.  They are amazing!  My sister in law was visiting and commented that Meaghan’s pancakes are the perfect transition from standard pancakes to a whole food versions.  The banana makes them sweet, while the protein egg base leaves you feeling full and energized vs. in a processed carb coma.

But don’t take my word for it.  Take Meaghan’s.  She’s a Registered Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer and she walks the talk.  Her motto?  Move, Eat, Laugh.  She’s been a constant inspiration for me in all realms of health –  and now she’s sharing her recipes with me.  =Win! 🙂



Meaghan’s Banana Pancakes

3 eggs

2 very ripe bananas

1/4 tsp baking powder


Optional: add a small amount of raw cacao powder for a chocolate variety.

Blend ingredients together.  Fry in Coconut Oil.

Makes 5 or 6 pancakes.