Below are several resources and articles that I’ve found valuable in my exploration of the impact of sugar on physical & mental health.

Please send along your resources and I’ll add them to the list!  Evidence based information about sugar and health.

World Health Organization Recommendations on Sugar

World Health Organization Ending Childhood Obesity Report

What Does Sugar Do to Your Body?

Children Eat Their Weight In Sugar Annually

2016 – The Year of The Sugar Tax? Quick Overview: Pros, Cons and Countries involved

US Announces 2015 Guidelines on Sugar

TEDx: Sugar – the Elephant in the Room. Dr. Robert Lustig

One Sweet App. A Canadian tracking App that identifies added sugar in processed foods.

Action on Sugar. A group of UK specialists concerned with sugar and its effects on health.

UK Change for Life Campaign.  Strategies to cut sugar consumption.

BBC Sugar’s Site

UK Doctors Speak Out For Sugar Taxation

Sugar is Toxic Time Magazine

Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine ABC News

Death by Sugar The Biggest Health Crisis of Our Time

Jamie Oliver on Sugar

Breaking Your Sugar Addiction The Cleveland Clinic

The Decline of Soda The New York Times

Sugars in Western diets increase risk for breast cancer tumors and metastasis

Good and Cheap Whole Food Meals under $4/person  Includes a variety of whole food, affordable and sugar free meal options for families and individuals alike.