I know, I know – natural skin care has little to do with eating whole foods, but here’s the catch: our skin’s our biggest organ.  There’s some debate about how much or little our skin care choices impact our health, but I choose to air on the side of caution and try my best to limit our exposure to unnecessary chemicals in products whenever I can.

I share my favourite natural skin care finds with friends (as often as recipes!), so I thought these might be of interest to others too.  I’ve used natural skin care lines since I first began buying my own cosmetics as a teenager and suffice to say I’ve tried more products than I’d like to admit over the years – and initially with little success.

However, over the last few years I’ve found several fantastic natural lines that work as well as conventional products.  If you’re interested in learning more about common chemicals ingredients found in skin care products, and your products in particular, Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database is an excellent resource to search shampoos, make-up, skin care lines, etc.  The site profiles more than 60,000 products and provides a safety ranking on a scale of 1-10.

Here are my favorites.  And in case it needs mentioning, I don’t receive any benefit from sharing these!

Kids Sunscreen

Badger Baby Sunscreen

Adult Sunscreen

Juice Beauty Sport Sunscreen

Tinted Sunscreen/Light Foundation

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Cream

Adult & Kids Body Lotion

Organic Coconut Oil.  Nothing fancy, just what you cook with.

*I use this on the kids post baths and myself on my face before bed and after the shower.  I wipe excess off with a white towel – note coconut oil can stain some dark coloured fabrics.  Skip it of course if you’re heading out in the sun for the day!

Face Wash

Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk

Face Creams, Masks, Exfoliants, etc. 

Eminence Organic Skin Care

Eminence Products are pricy, but I find that they last longer than traditional skin care lines because you use small amounts and mix most products with water.  If you’re interested in a natural skin care line that actually works well, I’d highly recommend Eminence Products.

Natural Make Up Products

Here are my favorite natural make up lines.

Jane Iredale

Juice Beauty

RMS Beauty

ILIA Beauty


For years I used natural shampoos for day to day, but for weddings or events, I’d switch back to a conventional brand.  No longer!  Juice Beauty launched a line of natural shampoos last year and they are wonderful.  My favorite is the ‘Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner’.  I’ve recommended this shampoo to all my girlfriends and they all love it.

The downside?  Currently Juice Beauty Products are only available via online order from the US.  Not ideal timing with the low CAD dollar + duty/shipping.  Word on the street is that Juice Beauty Products will increasingly be available in Canada.  Currently Holt Renfrew carries some products, but not the shampoo.

But before gasping at the thought of ordering shampoo from the US, the price is still actually less than you’d pay for salon variety brands.  $22 USD for a Shampoo + Conditioner ($11 each).


I recently shared a simple, 4 ingredient natural deodorant recipe that I absolutely love.  I’ve tried many natural deodorants with limited success (and considerable expense!) and this homemade recipe works best by far.  If you haven’t had the chance, give it a try.